Dr. Megan Olson

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Founder and Clinical Director

I love the outdoors, animals, deeper connections, and adventures. I am passionate about finding ways to generate and embrace joy in myself and others. You'll find me hiking, camping, traveling, exploring, at concerts, at yoga, or cooking with friends in my free time.

I believe in leaning into life's challenges, its pain, as well as its excitement and joy. I find that making intentional choices to cultivate and nourish a balanced life decreases suffering and leads to a more meaningful life.

I work with adults of all backgrounds and I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, bipolar disorder, psychosis, relationship dissatisfaction, and difficulties associated with life transitions. Other common concerns I treat include insomnia, loneliness, low motivation, and lack of direction in life. My goal is to help each person I work with become their best version of themselves. 

Experience and Education

  • Colorado CBT

Denver, CO

2018-present, Owner/Psychologist

  • The Center for Compassionate CBT

St. Louis, MO

2018-2020, Owner/Psychologist

  • The Center for Mindfulness and CBT

St. Louis, MO

2016-2017, Psychologist

  • St. Louis VA Medical Center

St. Louis, MO

2015-2017, Staff Psychologist

  • St. Louis VA Medical Center

St. Louis, MO (APA Accredited)

2014-2015, Post-doctoral Residency

  • Salt Lake City VA Medical Center

Salt Lake City, UT (APA Accredited)  

2013-2014, Pre-doctoral Internship


  • Arizona School of Professional


Phoenix, AZ (APA Accredited)

2008-2014, Doctorate of Clinical Psychology

  • University of Alaska

Fairbanks, AK
2004-2008, Bachelor of Arts

Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology

Holly O'Dell, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

(Independent Contractor)

P: (303)-416-6533

I believe that you have the strength to move beyond your pain and struggles, into a space of authentic and lasting life fulfillment. I am
here to help you tap into this strength. Our experience with habits and thought patterns often have more impact on our quality of life than we realize. Negative beliefs and thoughts often hide beneath our level of awareness, sending waves of discontent through our experience. Together, we will work to reveal these thoughts and patterns while illuminating the empowered essence of who you are. As we move toward healing, unwavering self-esteem and love for life will become your new normal.

Working with women and survivors of trauma is not only my specialty, but my heart’s work. We will work together to create present moment awareness, which will become your guide as you move beyond your pain. My approach orients around your strengths, so that empowerment, confidence, and connection will thread throughout your healing journey. I commit to creating a space of unconditional acceptance and support,
and to show up to this space with authenticity, compassion, and empathy.

I work with adults. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, disordered eating, women's issues,  relationship dissatisfaction, self-esteem, and difficulties associated with life transitions. I would love to walk alongside you as you begin your healing journey.

Experience and Education

  • Colorado CBT

Denver, CO

2019-present, Adult therapist

  • Eating Recovery Center

Denver, CO
2016 - 2019, Primary and Family Therapist 


  • Gateway Domestic Violence Services

Aurora, CO
2015-2016, Adult Nonresidential Counselor


  • The Blue Bench

Denver, CO
2014-2015, Therapy Intern


  • The Gathering Place

Denver, CO
2013-2014, Resource Advocate


  • Metropolitan State University of Denver

Denver, CO
2013-2015, Masters of Social Work


  • Ithaca College

Ithaca, NY
2009-2012, Bachelor of Arts
Major: Sociology, Minor: Women's studies

Dr. Jill Hersh

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

(Independent Contractor)

P: (303)-335-0673

I love learning about different cultures and people through food and travel. I enjoy spending time outside, playing with my dog or grabbing a bite to eat with friends or family.

It is a privilege to help people from all walks of life find meaning and purpose. I enjoy working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds and I use a holistic and evidence-based approach to the therapeutic process. My goal is to help you achieve your goals and authentically live your life. 

I treat all ages. I enjoy treating both individuals and families. I have a lot of experience working with people who are managing a complex or chronic health condition as well as individuals who want to make improvements to their health and lifestyle. I enjoy treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety, ADHD (all ages), insomnia, traumatic stress and parenting issues just to name a few.

Experience and Education

  • Colorado CBT

Denver, CO

2019-present, Child and Adult Psychologist

  • St. Joseph's Hospital

Denver, CO

2016-present, Clinical Psychologist

  • Aurora Mental Health Center

Aurora, CO
2015-2016, Post-doctoral Fellow (APPIC Accredited)


  • Denver Health Medical Center

Denver, CO
2014-2015, Pre-doctoral Internship (APA Accredited)


  • Immaculata University

Clinical Psychology (APA Accredited)
Malvern, PA
2015, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

  • Arcadia University

Glenside, PA
2005-2009, Bachelor of Arts
Major: Psychology, Minor: International Studies

Carly Partridge, MA

Counseling Practicum Student

I am passionate about helping others grow into the best version of themselves. As a former teacher and educator, I loved guiding my students as they discovered their strengths, and as they learned how to handle the challenges they encountered. In my spare time I enjoy reading, watching sports, and spending time in nature with my husband and two young children.


As a counselor, I believe that the therapeutic relationship is paramount, and creating a safe space where clients feel comfortable and seen is my priority. My goal is to earn your trust, and to support you with care and intention as we work towards accomplishing your goals together.


I work with adults, and I believe that you are the expert on your own life. I would consider it the greatest privilege to share in your life, and to support you in embracing the best version of yourself.

Experience and Education

  • Colorado CBT

Denver, CO

2019 - Present, Counseling Intern


  • If Not You, Who?

Denver, CO

2008-2019, Co-Founder and Community Outreach


  • Capital City Public Charter School,

Stanford’s Bing Nursery School, Aspen Academy

Washington, DC, Palo Alto, CA, Greenwood Village, CO

2002-2016, Teacher and Administrator


  • Northwestern University

Evanston, IL
2019 - Present, Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling

Expected Graduation – 2021


  • University of Denver

Denver, CO
2007-2008, Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction


  • Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH
1998 - 2002, Bachelor of Arts
Major: Psychology, Minor: Education

Marisol Jurado, MS
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(Independent Contractor)

P: (720)-295-3598

I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential. I am a Spanish speaking, LatinX therapist native to Denver. When I am not at work you can find me practicing yoga, tending to my plants, and spending time with my dog Gigi.

My role as a therapist is to assist you in finding the change you desire. Although there are experiences in life that are challenging and may cause extended pain, therapy is an outlet to explore those experiences and find ways to move forward with resiliency. I strive towards cultural competency to better understand your concerns and provide guidance and treatment that is respectful of your lifestyle and values.

I work with all ages including adults, children, families, and couples. I specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and trauma. My work is focused on improving communication, enhancing relationships, and building skills to manage symptoms in order to improve your life. Other common concerns I treat include codependency, dissatisfaction in areas of life, infidelity, self-esteem, anger management, and family conflict.

Experience and Education

  • Colorado CBT

Denver, CO

2020 - Present, Child, Couples, Family Therapist


  • Mental Health Center of Denver

Denver, CO

20018-present, School-Based Therapist


  • Mental health Systems, Inc

        San Diego, CA

        2016-2018, Wraparound



  • Catholic Charities
      San Diego, CA

         2015-2016 Marriage and Family 

         Therapist Intern


  • Center for Community Counseling and


San Diego, CA
2014-2015, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern


  • San Diego State University

         San Diego, CA

         2014-2016 Master of Science

         in Counseling

  • University of Northern Colorado

Greeley, CO
2010-2014, Bachelor of Science in Human Services

Libby Parks, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Independent Contractor)

P: (720)-432-0061

I have always held service to others as a high value of mine. Whether this be through my career as a social worker and therapist, volunteering, or being an active part of my community, I find deep satisfaction and inspiration through helping others reach their full potential. Other things that bring me great joy are being in the mountains, yoga and meditation, art, and spending time with friends and family.


My approach to therapy is one of curiosity, empathy, and respect. I have experienced countless times the power that an authentic and safe relationship can have on one’s therapeutic work. Together, we can explore what may be keeping you from achieving certain goals and practice individualized skills to help you integrate this work into daily life. I believe strongly in our own natural capacities to heal and I tailor my approach to fit what works best for you. 


I work with adults, couples, and adolescents seeking individual therapy for anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders and disordered eating, body image, PTSD, life stressors, and family conflict. I have experience in family therapy and am happy to incorporate your support system, should we find that is a helpful addition to your journey.

Experience and Education

  • Colorado CBT

Denver, CO

2020 - Present, Adolescent and Adult Therapist


  • Denver Health

Denver, CO

20019-present, Clinical Social Worker

  • Monte Nido and Affiliates

Irvington, NY and White Plains, NY

20015-2019, Primary and Lead Therapist


  • Kings County Hospital Center

Brooklyn, NY

2014-2015, Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Social Work Intern


  • Nurse Family Partnership

New York, NY

         20013-2014, Social Work Intern

  • New York University, Silver School of Social Work

New York, NY

2013-2015, Master of Social Work


  • Dickinson College

Carlisle, PA

2004-2008, Bachelor of Art

Major: Psychology Minor: Art History

Heather Davis, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

(Independent Contractor)

P: (720)-409-1814

I understand that change is scary, overwhelming, and uncertain. I want to support you in moving through the unknown. I believe mutual connection is key in creating a foundation to support comfort, openness, and trust. I work to hold a collaborative and supportive space that allows you to feel comfortable in showing up as your authentic self.  I commit to supporting you on your journey to wellness  with patience, understanding, empathy, and compassion.


Together we will work to recognize and explore unhelpful patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that may be keeping you stuck. I will guide you in tapping into your strengths to help move you beyond pain and fear into a space that allows you to live a values based life. 


I use an integrative and relational approach, tailored to each client’s needs. The modalities I lean on include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder. I work with adults, adolescents, and families and specialize in treating eating disorders, body image distress, depression, anxiety, and trauma. I also support challenges related to stress, transitions, and self-esteem.


I received my Master’s degree in social work from Fordham University in New York City and have worked extensively in treating patients suffering from eating disorders. My passions outside of work include my love for dogs and the beach.

Experience and Education

  • Colorado CBT

Denver, CO

2020-present, Adolescent and Adult Therapist


  • Heart Centered Counseling

Lakewood, CO

2020, Adolescent and Adult Therapist

  • Eating Recovery Center

Denver, CO
2019 - present, Primary Therapist


  • Monte Nido and Affiliates

Irvington, NY

20015-2019, Primary Therapist & Assistant Clinical Director

  • Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Elizabeth, NJ

2014-2015, Child & Adolescent Partial Hospital Psychiatric Social Work Intern


  • The Milton School

Maplewood, NJ

2013, School Social Work Intern

  • Maria L. Varisco Rogers Charter School

Newark, NJ

2014, School Social Work Intern

  • Fordham University Graduate School of Social Work

New York, New York

2013-2015, Master of Social Work

  • Montclair State University

        Montclair, NJ      

2009-2012, Bachelor of Arts

Major: Family and Child Studies, Concentration: Family Services

Sarah Rohr, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

(Independent Contractor)

P: (303)-416-4005

Relationships are everything. I am passionate about building meaningful connections with a foundation of honesty and kindness. This is my approach personally and professionally. I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship and that ANYONE can benefit from therapy. I provide individual counseling for adult clients. My primary treatment modalities include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). I treat depression, anxiety, trauma, and disordered eating. I also assist clients through the process of managing grief and loss, life transitions, and interpersonal challenges.


I am committed to holding an open, nonjudgmental space where you feel seen, understood, and less alone in navigating life’s growth periods and challenges. I work from a place of empowerment, encouraging you to be an active participant in your life. You will never be faulted for experiencing unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, or difficult emotions. It is how we respond to these that matters. You can count on me to be compassionate and transparent with you in our work together, while maintaining a sense of humor along the way.


I’m on your team; here to support and advocate for you as you move towards the life you want to live. We will work together to identify the strengths you already possess and to support you in showing up each day as the person you wish to be in this world and in your relationships.

Experience and Education

  • Colorado CBT

Denver, CO

2020-Present, Adult Therapist


  • Eating Recovery Center

Denver, CO

2010-2020, Clinical Manager, Primary Therapist, and Case Manager


  • One Legacy

Los Angeles, CA

2009-2010, Family Services Aftercare Trainee, Grief and Loss Counseling


  • Pepperdine University

Encino, CA

2009-2010, Research Assistant in Community Counseling Clinic


  • Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO

2007-2008, Research Assistant in Suicide Intervention Programs


  • Pepperdine University

Malibu, CA

2008-2010, Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy


  • Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO

2003-2007, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Criminology/Criminal Justice

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